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Softfil Classic

The SoftFil® Classic were developed to provide easy and safe penetration under the skin and glide through its layers.

SoftFil Classic cannulas feature unique indicators that enable you to ascertain the needle’s orientation even with the cannula inserted, granting precise control over the injection depth throughout the procedure. Utilizing SoftFil cannulas ensures secure administration of dermal fillers, exceptional patient comfort, and superior outcomes. Thanks to its minimal invasiveness, straightforward application, and cost-efficiency, the facial rejuvenation technique employing SoftFil cannulas has garnered widespread recognition and popularity among medical professionals worldwide.

The package includes:

  • box of 20 kits

The advantages of utilizing of SoftFil Classic:

  • Rounded tip – prevents tissue damage
  • Side opening – facilitates drug release
  • Flexibility – guarantees gentle advancement in tissues

Product Application Guidelines:

SoftFil contour plastic cannulas are employed in minimally invasive procedures for volumetric contour sculpting in plastic surgery. These blunt-ended cannulas possess a unique design that enables smooth tissue penetration without causing bleeding or hematoma formation. When using SoftFil contouring cannulas, it’s possible to restore the natural features of the entire face. Typically, the product is applied at a few key points, usually ranging from 2 to 4 on each side of the face, ensuring even distribution where needed while preventing fibrosis. The use of SoftFil contouring cannulas reduces the number of punctures significantly and eliminates the risk of damaging blood vessels.

Technical Specifications:

  • 18G 70mm, 22G 40mm, 22G 50mm, 22G 70mm, 22G 90mm, 25G 50mm, 27G 40mm, 30G 25mm.

18G 70mm. 22G 40mm. 22G 50mm.22G 70mm. 22G 90mm. 25G 50mm. 27G 40mm. 30G 25mm