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TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula 22G x 38mm


    The 22G x 38mm Single Hole Cannula from TSK showcases a unique design, featuring a closed-tip side hole and exceptional flexibility. It includes a side hole created through laser cutting, aimed at minimizing the risk of bruising and bleeding. What distinguishes this cannula from competing products is its construction using TSK’s cutting-edge needle technology, ULTRA Thin Wall. This technology leads to a greater internal diameter, decreasing the force needed for extrusion and ensuring a more seamless and controlled injection process.

    The package includes:

    • 25pcs

    The advantages of utilizing of TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula 22G x 38mm:

    • ULTRA thin wall construction
    • Reduced extrusion force
    • Enhanced precision and ease of injection
    • Lower risk of bruising and bleeding

    Product Application Guidelines:

    Dermal fillers