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TSK Steriglide Cannula 27G x 25mm


    TSK Steriglide Cannula 27G x 25mm are made from premium steel and utilize a unique surface treatment to reduce friction with skin tissues. This not only increases patient comfort but also enhances the general handling of the cannula. Tailored for dermal fillers, these cannulas provide a significant 50% improvement in gliding performance compared to conventional ones. They are especially effective for addressing issues in areas like the tear trough, lips, and jawline enhancement.

    The package includes:

    • 20pcs

    The advantages of utilizing of TSK Steriglide Cannula 27G x 25mm:

    • Enhanced gliding performance (50% better)
    • Excellent manageability, precision, and control
    • Ultra-thin wall construction
    • Reduced patient discomfort
    • Capability to treat larger areas with a single injection point

    Product Application Guidelines:

    Professional use only.