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The price does not include VAT


We use DHL to deliver our goods. Delivery time is up to 10 working days.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, customs duties and taxes. The Customer is responsible for collecting and paying any charges according to regulations of a destination country.

Delivery conditions: Ex Works (EXW) Hungary.

Deliveries to all EU countries

We ship to customers in EU countries. All orders shipped to countries within the European Union (EU) will have taxes and duties paid at checkout. This means that the price you see for the item(s) in your cart is the final price you’ll pay, and there will be no additional fees or charges upon delivery. We strive to make the checkout process as seamless as possible so you can enjoy your purchase without any surprises or delays.

What is the cost of delivery?
Shipping cost within the EU - 35 euros. Worldwide - 80 euros. To Australia and USA - 90 euros.
What is the delivery time?
Within 10 working days, but the item is usually delivered sooner.
Where can I pick up my order?
If you want to collect the order yourself, you can do it at our office in Budapest. But please note that in this case the Hungarian VAT will be charged.
What should I do if my delivery is delayed?
We usually deliver in 10 business days or faster. The maximum delivery time is sixty (60) working days, as set by law. However, it is very unusual for European delivery to take longer than 6 working days. If a parcel is delayed or fails to scan, we will open a case with our forwarders but will not be able to resend or return the parcel until after sixty (60) working days. If you have any questions regarding shipping, you can email us at info@majorcosmeticals.com.
Can I track my order and is the package insured?
After sending the order, we send you a tracking number, with which you can track the package. We work according to the EXW scheme, which means responsibility for the goods until it is handed over to the courier. However, you can write to us and we will insure the shipment for an additional fee.
My package has been suspended in custom duties - what can I do?
We operate under the Ex Works (EXW) Hungary system. This means that we are not responsible for the goods once we hand them over to the courier service. But we are ready to help you and provide you with the necessary documents if your parcel is stuck at customs.
Please note that it is the importer's (customer's) responsibility to know the rules and regulations of the country. If a parcel is stopped at customs, we advise you to contact your local customs office and either try to release the parcel or reject it and resend it to us. Once we receive the returned parcel, we will either resend the parcel or refund the amount for the products. Please note that we only issue refunds if we receive the returned parcel - we are not responsible for confiscated goods.
What happens if I don't pick up my package?
Parcels not received within four weeks will be returned and sent back to us. Unclaimed parcels will be charged either a fee of €150 for return shipping, administration and handling or another amount invoiced by the logistics company (usually the sum of the delivery of the parcel to and from the addressee, plus the storage of the parcel in the warehouse).
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