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BCN Glutathione + Vit C Lyophilized 8082 (5x200mg)

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    Glutathione + Vit C Lyophilized is an innovative antioxidant blend that mimics the skin’s antioxidant system. It maintains the stability of vitamin C in the skin while amplifying its beneficial attributes. Glutathione and vitamin C function as interconnected antioxidants, capable of rejuvenating each other from their oxidative states back to their active, antioxidative forms. Through this reciprocal renewal process, interconnected antioxidants reinforce and prolong each other’s effectiveness.

    The package includes:

    • 5x200mg

    Ingredients of the product:

    • Aqua / Water, Abscorbic Acid, Glutathione, Sodium Hydroxide.

    The advantages of utilizing of BCN Glutathione + Vit C Lyophilized 8082 (5x200mg):

    • Glutathione and Vitamin C function as cooperative network antioxidants, rejuvenating each other from their oxidized state to their active, antioxidant state.
    • Glutathione is a compact molecule consisting of three amino acids. It serves as both an antioxidant and a skin-brightening agent, making it a vital component in addressing age spots.
    • Vitamin C is a highly potent antioxidant, primarily utilized to address signs of photoaging, uneven skin tone, and aiding the skin in combatting the appearance of wrinkles.

    Application guidelines:

    Mix the contents of the vial with 2ml of deionized/sterile water until you achieve a uniform solution. Apply this mixture to dry areas of the face and/or body, and gently massage until it is completely absorbed.