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BCN Hyaluronic Acid 2% 8010 5x3ml

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    Pure, uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid proves to be a remarkably effective agent for skin hydration. Its specific capability to attract and bind water molecules serves to hydrate the skin and preserve the suppleness of both dermal and epidermal tissues. When applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid creates a viscoelastic film, mimicking its natural function of retaining moisture within the intercellular framework of dermal connective tissues. This quality positions Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Ageing Solution as an excellent moisture foundation, facilitating the delivery of other substances to the skin. It is a compelling option for mesotherapy treatments, particularly recommended for addressing wrinkles, fatigue, sun-damaged, and dehydrated skin.

    The package includes:

    • 5x3ml vials

    Ingredients of the product:

    • Active ingredient: hyaluronic acid 2%

    Application guidelines:

    When incorporating a hyaluronic acid serum into your skincare routine, follow these steps: After cleansing and/or toning your face, refrain from drying it. Instead, while your face is still damp, apply a few drops of hyaluronic acid serum and gently massage it in. Allow it a brief moment to absorb, and then proceed with the remainder of your skincare routine.