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Belotero Lips Shape + Lidocaine

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Belotero Lips Shape with Lidocaine is a hyaluronic filler that can be injected into the upper and lower lip to enhance their volume and improve their appearance. The product is designed to add shape, structure, and volume to the lips. The presence of lidocaine in the product reduces pain during the injection process, ensuring a more comfortable treatment for the patient. Belotero Lips Shape is one half of a duo of products designed for subtle and natural lip enhancements, with the other product being Belotero Lips Contour.

The result’s duration is dependent on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and skin type.

This product’s origin is from the European Community (EC).

Indications Packaging Duration of Effects Side Effects
Lip Augmentation 1 x 0,6ml syringe 6-9 months Mild swelling, bruising, redness.
2 x 27G ½” Needles Allergic reactions, lumps, asymmetry.