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BTS LiftUp (1x5ml)

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BTS LiftUp (1x5ml) is an anti-wrinkle formulation with a lifting impact. It contains hyaluronic acid, organic silicon, and peptides, which enhance skin firmness and elasticity, refine facial contours, rejuvenate dermal tissue, and may diminish wrinkles. Suitable for individuals aged 30 to 35 and above.

The package includes:

  • 1 bottle x 5ml

Ingredients of the product:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • PDRN
  • Ubiquinone
  • Methylsilanol Mannuronate
  • Lipoic Acid
  • SH-Polypeptide-5
  • Oligopeptide-55

The advantages of utilizing of BTS LiftUp (1x5ml):

  • Provides an apparent lifting outcome
  • Enhances elasticity and solidity
  • Enhances and rectifies facial shape
  • Revives skin tissues
  • Guarantees profound tissue moisturization
  • Aids in decreasing the depth of wrinkles

Product Application Guidelines:

For professional purposes: microneedling, iontophoresis, electroporation.

Recommended quantities: 2.5-5.0 per session.

facial area – 2.5ml

neck – 2.5 ml

neckline – 3ml

body – ranging from 5 to 10 ml

hands – 3ml

1 session every 7-14 days.

Total number of treatments: 4-5.

pH level: 7.0-7.5