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Fillmed M-Ha 10

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Fillmed M-HA 10, a pure form of hyaluronic acid, is an integral component of Fillmed NCTF mesotherapy. When administered into the skin, Fillmed M-HA 10 promptly revitalizes and hydrates the skin, resulting in an immediate improvement in moisture and radiance. The active ingredients work harmoniously to replenish the skin’s natural hydration levels and enhance its elasticity, resulting in a more toned and silky-smooth complexion.

The package includes:

  • 3 x vials
  • 3 x injection needles
  • 3 x withdrawal needles
  • 3 x 32G needles

Ingredients of the product:

  • 10 mg/ml Hyaluronic acid

The advantages of utilizing of Fillmed M-HA 10:

  • Replenishes and restores optimal hydration levels
  • Enhances skin radiance and elasticity
  • Promotes firmer and smoother skin texture

What is the duration of the results?

For the best outcomes, it is recommended to undergo one treatment per month for a total of three months. Afterward, it is advisable to wait approximately six months before scheduling a touch-up treatment for sustained results.


3 х 3 ml