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JALOR Style (1x1ml)

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    Extensive research on cross-linking processes has led to the synthesis of valuable knowledge, culminating in the creation and advancement of an innovative product that encompasses the desired advantages sought by medical professionals and patients alike. JALOR STYLE, a versatile filler designed for various cosmetic enhancements, combines safety, natural results, long-lasting effects, and comfort in a single solution.

    JALOR STYLE effectively prevents skin aging, promoting enhanced skin elasticity and firmness. It serves as a sub-filler that aids in improving elasticity and diminishing the appearance of deep wrinkles.

    The package includes:

    • 1 x 1 ml syringe

    The advantages of utilizing of Jalor Style:

    • Addresses a wide range of surface-level and moderately deep wrinkles
    • Enhances lip shape and adds volume to the lips
    • Derived from non-animal sources

    What is the duration of the results?

    The effects of JALOR STYLE treatment are enduring but not permanent. As time passes, the pure hyaluronic acid naturally undergoes reabsorption.