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Kairax SUB-Q + Lidocaine (1x1ml)


    Kairax SUB-Q + Lidocaine (1x1ml) is a Korean product formulated to address deep wrinkles, replenish lost volume, and provide volumetric enhancements. Its adaptable texture enables the creation of immediate and long-lasting volume while ensuring even product distribution for a natural result. This product comes in three sizes (Fine, Deep, SUB-Q), and the inclusion of lidocaine enhances patient comfort during the procedure.

    The package includes:

    • 1 pre-filled syringe of 1 ml
    • 2 needles 25Gx12mm

    Ingredients of the product:

    • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 24mg/ml
    • Lidocaine hydrochloride 0.3%

    The advantages of utilizing of Kairax SUB-Q + Lidocaine (1x1ml):

    • Diminishing deep wrinkles
    • Replenishing lost volume
    • Volumizing
    • Treatment zone: nasolabial folds

    What is the duration of the results?

    Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the effects can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.