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MeLine 01 Spots 5ml

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Two–phase peeling, where step 1 contains depigmenting (brightening) active ingredients (tranexamic acid, resorcinol), can cause the effect of frosting and provide a deep effect of acids directly on the cell – melanocyte. And step 2 effectively fights hyperkeratosis and triggers metabolic processes in cells. It is used exclusively locally, pointwise, in areas of pigment accumulation (lentigo, pigment spots).

The package includes:

  • 1x5ml

The advantages of utilizing of MeLine 01 Spots 5ml:

  • Treatment of lentigo (solar, senile, etc.) – pigmentation caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin.
  • Lightening and complete elimination of age spots (lentigo) in 1-2 peeling sessions. Correction of hyperkeratosis.

What is the duration of the results?

For many situations, a single application of MeLine 01 Spots 5ml is sufficient for spot treatment. If necessary, you may consider a follow-up treatment after a 45-day interval. This product is intended for topical use exclusively.