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Mesoestetic X.Prof 150 Hyaluronidase (1x50mg)

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Mesoestetic X.Prof 150 Hyaluronidase (1x50mg) is a Spanish solution created to dissolve hyaluronic acid. Utilizing this product enables the elimination of surplus filler, rectification of asymmetry, and smoothing out tissue irregularities. The complete breakdown and removal of hyaluronic acid from the body takes approximately 3 weeks, with initial effects becoming visible within minutes of application.

The package includes:

  • 1 x 50mg

Ingredients of the product:

  • Hyaluronidase 1500 U.l.

The advantages of utilizing of Mesoestetic X.Prof 150 Hyaluronidase (1x50mg):

  • Decreasing or eliminating hyaluronic acid in scenarios involving: unevenness, lack of symmetry, incorrectly chosen filler or its misplacement, allergic response to HA-based products, excessive filler injection, noticeable bumps due to shallow filler application, and swelling caused by inadequate patient recovery

Product Application Guidelines:

The enzyme can be applied right after the hyaluronic acid injection or at a later time, even several months after the filler treatment. To prepare the product, it should be mixed with 10ml of injectable saline solution.