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Mesoheal Pink Glow (10 x 5ml)

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Pink Glow (10x5ml) features a distinctive formulation containing 55 active ingredients that promote the repair mechanisms within different skin layers. The product rapidly addresses mineral deficiencies, including magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. Pure hyaluronic acid enhances skin hydration, evens out its complexion, and enhances skin elasticity. A combination of peptides, numerous vitamins, and potent antioxidants reduces discoloration, visibly revitalizes the skin, and combats the effects of free radicals. The formula substantially hampers melanin synthesis, boosts detoxification, and provides illumination and brightness to the skin.

The package includes:

  • 10 ampoules of 5 ml

Ingredients of the product:

  • 23 amino acids
  • 13 vitamins
  • 6 minerals
  • 6 coenzymes
  • 5 nucleic acids
  • 2 antioxidants
  • Hyaluronic acid

The advantages of utilizing of Pink Glow (10x5ml):

  • Evens out minor wrinkles
  • Brightens hyperpigmented areas
  • Provides strong moisturization, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative benefits
  • Enhances skin elasticity and density while preserving its equilibrium
  • Reinforces blood vessel walls
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Diminishes oxidative processes caused by skin cell free radicals

Product Application Guidelines:

Mesoheal Pink Glow should be applied in a specific manner to achieve optimal outcomes. The unique application regimen is divided into three phases, spanning approximately three months and comprising six treatment sessions, each lasting around 30 minutes.

The initial phase involves 3 to 4 treatments, scheduled with intervals ranging from 7 to 15 days.

The second phase comprises two treatments spaced one month apart.

Lastly, the third phase entails 1 to 2 treatment sessions, to be repeated every 2 to 6 months.