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Nithya Body

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Nithya Body, formulated with potent collagen powder, stimulates the regeneration of connective tissue, resulting in long-lasting beautification and rejuvenation of the entire body’s skin. This product effectively addresses various skin imperfections such as laxity, hypotrophy, skin hypotonia, and diminished skin elasticity. With just a few treatment sessions, typically requiring only three, the skin on the entire body appears noticeably fresher, firmer, and notably more youthful. Nithya Body enhances the skin’s elasticity and effectively diminishes a pale and unattractive complexion.

Product properties

Benfits of usage Packaging Duration of Effects Side Effects
Restores volume in various body areas 1 vials x 200 mg Typically, the effects of this product become apparent approximately 10 days after the initial application, although individual experiences may vary. Rare, Mild skin irritation in some individuals
Positively impacts the body’s own collagen production over an extended period Occasional allergic reactions
Promotes regeneration of connective tissue in the dermis
Enhances skin firmness and elasticity;

addresses and eliminates skin imperfections