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Nithya Shield

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    Nithya Shield is a skin product that effectively repairs and safeguards the entire facial area. It swiftly and effortlessly rejuvenates skin affected by expression lines, uneven texture, and signs of stress. The Nithya Shield offers natural defense against oxidative stress, resulting in improved facial tone, texture, and a flawlessly smooth and enduring youthful appearance. With the key ingredients of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid, Nithya Shield accelerates skin cell renewal and regeneration while forming a protective barrier on the face.

    The package includes:

    • 5 vials x 3 ml

    The advantages of utilizing of Nithya Shield:

    • Enhances the complexion and surface of the skin
    • Effectively moisturizes and diminishes wrinkles
    • Safeguards against oxidative stress
    • Speeds up the process of cell regeneration


    It is advised to undergo approximately 4 to 6 sessions of Nithya Shield treatment, with each session spaced out at intervals of 7 to 14 days.


    5 х 3 ml