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Orthovisc (1x2ml)

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Orthovisc (1x2ml) is a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution containing sodium hyaluronate. Within Orthovisc, sodium hyaluronate serves as a lubricant for tissues and is believed to have a significant role in regulating interactions among tissues. It can also function as a viscoelastic framework, maintaining separation between tissues. Orthovisc is designed for use as a viscoelastic supplement or replacement for synovial fluid in human joints. It is particularly suitable for addressing symptoms associated with dysfunctions in human synovial joints, such as osteoarthritis. Orthovisc operates by providing lubrication and mechanical support.

The package includes:

  • 1-2 ml pre-filled syringe
  • package insert
  • 3 tracking labels

Ingredients of the product:

  • sodium hyaluronate

The advantages of utilizing of Orthovisc (1x2ml):

  • Orthovisc (1x2ml) is a clear, injectable viscoelastic solution formulated to alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • The primary ingredient in Orthovisc is ultra-pure, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, akin to the hyaluronic acid present in joint synovial fluid
  • In contrast to certain forms of hyaluronic acid, Orthovisc is synthesized in a laboratory via bacterial fermentation, rather than being derived from avian sources. This distinction makes it less prone to triggering allergic reactions in individuals with egg or poultry allergies

What is the duration of the results?

Orthovisc (1x2ml) has the potential to alleviate osteoarthritis pain in patients for around 6 months following the initial three weekly injections.