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PBSerum Total Corrector


    PBSerum Total Corrector is an advanced solution featuring the finest hyaluronidase available in the market. Through a hydrolysis process, it effectively mitigates the consequences of improper administration or allergic reactions triggered by hyaluronic acid-based fillers. The complete breakdown and elimination of hyaluronic acid from the body take approximately 3 weeks, with initial effects becoming noticeable within minutes. This enzyme can be applied immediately after hyaluronic acid injection or at a later time, even several months after the initial filler treatment. Upon hyaluronidase application, surplus acid undergoes hydrolysis, resulting in smoother skin at the injection site and a significant reduction in swelling.

    The package includes:

    • 1 ampoule

    Ingredients of the product:

    • Hyaluronidase 25 μkat

    The advantages of utilizing of PBSerum Total Corrector:

    • Total elimination of hyaluronic acid occurs in situations involving: incorrectly chosen or displaced filler, allergic reactions to HA-based products, excessive filler injection, visible papules due to shallow filler application, and edema caused by improper patient recovery processes

    Product Application Guidelines:

    Application technique: mesotherapy (via injection). Mix with 1 ml of saline solution.