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SRS Glycolic Acid (1x2ml)

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    SRS Glycolic Acid (1x2ml) delicately revitalizes the skin by dissolving and eliminating surplus dead, hardened skin cells. This action enhances skin moisture and diminishes the visibility of wrinkles. Extensive research has demonstrated that glycolic acid, primarily because of its tyrosinase content, serves as a melanin synthesis inhibitor, making it valuable in addressing hyperpigmentation concerns.

    The package includes:

    • 1 ampoule x 2 ml of the preparation

    Ingredients of the product:

    • Glycolic acid – 1%

    The advantages of utilizing of SRS Glycolic Acid (1x2ml):

    • Renewal of parched and sun-exposed skin
    • Diminishment of wrinkles and skin creases
    • Combating the decline in skin firmness
    • Eradication of noticeable pores
    • Erasure of skin irregularities
    • Deceleration of actinic keratosis progression

    Product Application Guidelines:

    This is a sterilized biological solution designed for targeted application in specific areas. One ampoule is used for a single session.