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Xela Rederm 1.8% (1x1ml)

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Xela Rederm 1.8% (1x1ml) is part of the Redermalization method, designed to combat skin aging and promote skin regeneration. It targets the fundamental mechanisms of skin aging, regulating cellular biochemical and physiological processes. By harnessing the power of succinic acid, it effectively neutralizes free radicals and prevents skin dehydration, facilitated by hyaluronic acid. Developed by the Hyalual Institute, the Xela Rederm injectables utilize a unique formula combining the synergistic effects of sodium succinate and hyaluronic acid.

The package includes:

  • 1 glass syringe with 1 ml of the preparation
  • 2 needles 30G x 13mm

Ingredients of the product:

  • HA acid concentration: 1.8% (18 mg/ml)
  • Sodium succinate concentration: 1.6% (16 mg/ml)

The advantages of utilizing of Xela Rederm 1.8% (1x1ml):

  • Enhancement of skin texture and overall appearance
  • Augmented skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Eradication of skin discolorations
  • Diminished depth and size of wrinkles
  • Provision of skin nourishment
  • Effective skin moisturization

Product Application Guidelines:

The recommended regimen for Xela Rederm treatments involves three sessions spaced every two weeks. To sustain the effects, consider undergoing follow-up treatments after 6-9 months, either once a month or undergoing another series of treatments.
Administration Techniques: For facial treatments, use a linear technique, while for body treatments, utilize the papular method.