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Dermaheal is a well-known and trusted brand of mesotherapy and cosmetic products. This is one of the best lines of skincare and beauty care products available on the international market, which is produced by Caregen, a leading Asian beauty industry manufacturer. Dermaheal offers a wide range of choice for regular skin care, hair care, mesotherapy, but also special injectable products for improvement of different skin problems.

Dermaheal mesotherapy treatments, which are used to rejuvenate skin and improve its overall health and condition, make up their major product range. The mesotherapy line offers an excellent blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, growth factors, and other nutrients and skin rejuvenating ingredients. Each of the active substances is encapsulated using a double-layered capsulation process, which enhances skin penetration. Furthermore, the double-layered structure provides excellent stability and aids in protecting the molecules from endogenous proteases.

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Dermaheal offers you amazing rejuvenation for the face, hair, and body. It also hydrates the skin and improves its tone and color, including overall skin lightening and control of melatonin hyperproduction and skin hyperpigmentation (Dermaheal SB). With these mesotherapy solutions, you may treat various skin issues, such as dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, and enlarged pores (Dermaheal HSR and SR). In addition, Dermaheal offers products that can be used to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss, as well as products that can treat stress- or health-related hair loss (Dermaheal HL). Dermaheal also makes it possible to permanently and successfully remove fat cells from the body (Dermaheal LL).

Please take note that we advise only licensed experts with the proper skills to apply any of our goods. Dermaheal allows beauty professionals to completely revitalize their clients’ skin, while doctors can improve the overall health and condition of their patients’ skin.