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Dermaheal LL

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Dermaheal LL is a treatment that helps dissolve stubborn fat deposits in the body, including visible cellulite. This non-surgical procedure effectively removes localized fat deposits while also regenerating and improving skin elasticity. The treatment is recommended for use on areas such as the knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, and chin. After treatment with Dermaheal LL, the results include a more contoured and slimmer appearance of the treated area.

Benefits of usage Packaging Recommended usage Treatment ares
Dissolves stubborn fat in localized areas 10 vials x 5ml Dermaheal LL should be used topically and applied 2-4 times during a 6-8 week period for optimal results Knees;
Results in slimming and contouring of the treated areas thighs;
abdomen and chin.