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MCCM B-Complex (1x5ml)

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    MCCM B-Complex (1x5ml) supports skin regeneration and alleviates signs of photoaging, especially for very dry and dehydrated skin. It enhances cellular metabolism by aiding DNA repair, converting food into energy (Vit.B3). It regulates hormone levels and reduces sebaceous gland activity, benefiting acne-prone skin (Vitamin B6). Vital for cell growth and reproduction (Vitamin B9), it also aids in red blood cell formation and maintains the central nervous system. Additionally, it ensures the integrity of the nervous system and synthesizes molecules involved in fatty acid biosynthesis and energy production (Vitamin B12).

    The package includes:

    • 1x5ml

    Ingredients of the product:

    • water
    • pentapeptide-33
    • sodium benzoate
    • pyridoxine
    • thiamine Hcl
    • folic acid
    • phenoxyethanol
    • etilhexilglicerina
    • niacinamide
    • cyanocobalamin

    The advantages of utilizing of MCCM B-Complex (1x5ml):

    • It prevents skin sagging and aging while promoting renewal and protection against harmful external factors
    • It boosts the levels of antioxidant vitamins
    • Aiding in preserving youthful skin

    Product Application Guidelines:

    It can be utilized with:

    Virtual Transdermal Mesotherapy.

    Microneedle devices.

    Applied directly to the skin using circular massage (after cleansing the skin).

    In electrotherapy treatments like ultrasound.

    Ionization or various medical devices used in aesthetic treatments.