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MCCM Prof Antiaging Strong Lifting Flip-off (1x10)

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    MCCM Prof Antiaging Strong Lifting Flip-off (1×10) is a blend of potent ingredients abundant in active nutrients, essential for rejuvenating the skin, regenerating its cells, and ensuring intense hydration.

    This nutrient-rich cocktail revitalizes the skin, imparting a rejuvenating effect. It efficiently erases existing signs of aging and prevents the formation of new ones. The skin becomes well-moisturized, nourished, smoother, and firmer.

    This product addresses both internal and external aging indicators. The cocktail softens the skin, giving it a healthy radiance, while also reducing the depth of wrinkles, including expression lines.

    The package includes:

    • 1×10 ml

    Ingredients of the product:

    • Dexapanthenol – moisturizes, anti-inflammatory
    • DMAE – lifting effect, anti-aging effect
    • Organic Silica – moisturizes and regenerates
    • Asian Centella – enhances collagen synthesis
    • Hyaluronic acid – hydration, regeneration

    The advantages of utilizing of MCCM Prof Antiaging Strong Lifting Flip-off (1×10):

    • Skin displaying signs of aging, such as sagging and dryness
    • Anti-aging benefits
    • Reduction of wrinkles, including expression lines
    • Enhanced firmness
    • Improved eye contour appearance
    • Skin hydration
    • Promotion of skin regeneration
    • Anti-inflammatory properties

    Product Application Guidelines:

    Mesotherapy without needles, dermarollers, electroporation, sonophoresis, aquaphoresis, ultrasound treatment, ionization.