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Neauvia Organic Stimulate (1x1ml)

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Neauvia Organic Stimulate stands out as a distinctive product because of its impressive ability to both fill and provide long-lasting bio-stimulation. It is particularly suitable for addressing insufficient volume and density in the skin. Upon application, the product promptly fills in tissue gaps, resulting in the desired shape and volume of the skin. Over time, it continues to enhance the skin’s quality, gradually improving its overall condition.

The package includes:

  • 1 x 1ml syringe

Ingredients of the product:

  • 26 mg/ml HA, cross-linked with PEG
  • Glycine and L-Proline
  • 1% CaHA

The advantages of utilizing of Neauvia Organic Stimulate:

  • Generate skin fullness and thickness
  • Enhance skin texture and condition
  • Stimulate natural skin regeneration

What is the duration of the results?

Visible outcomes are immediate following the initial treatment. The gradual breakdown of the product ensures that the results typically endure for a considerable duration.